become one flesh: Idiom Meaning and Origin

What does ‘become one flesh’ mean?

The idiomatic phrase "become one flesh" refers to the joining or merging of two individuals into a united and inseparable entity, often used to describe the deep emotional and physical connection between married partners.

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Unifying Bodies

The idiom "become one flesh" has roots in biblical and religious contexts. It is derived from the Bible verse Genesis 2:24 which states, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." This verse is often interpreted as a metaphorical expression of the unity and intimacy that is formed between a husband and wife in marriage. In a literal sense, the phrase refers to the physical act of sexual intercourse between a husband and wife. It signifies the union and consummation of their marriage, emphasizing the intimate bond that is formed through this act.

The idiom "become one flesh" is not limited to its literal interpretation. It is commonly used in a figurative or metaphorical sense to describe a deep emotional, spiritual, or intellectual connection between two individuals. It implies a level of complete unity, harmony, and oneness that extends beyond physical intimacy.

When people use the idiom "become one flesh" in a broader context, it can also convey the idea of unity and solidarity among a group of people or within a community. It suggests a sense of shared purpose, common values, and a deep bond that unites individuals together. It emphasizes the importance of working together and supporting one another for a greater cause.

The idiom "exchange flesh" shares a similar meaning to "become one flesh." It implies a mutual exchange of emotions, ideas, or experiences between individuals, creating a sense of deep connection and understanding. This idiom highlights the reciprocity and mutual giving and receiving that is essential for forming strong relationships.

Another related idiom is "joined at the hip." This phrase signifies an extremely close and inseparable bond between two individuals or groups. It suggests that they are so closely connected that they move and operate as one unit. This idiom emphasizes the idea of unity and collaboration in achieving shared objectives.

The idiom "join forces" is also related to "become one flesh." It suggests the coming together of two or more individuals or groups to combine their efforts, resources, or skills in order to achieve a common goal. This idiom emphasizes the power of collaboration and the strength that can be derived from working together towards a shared purpose.

The idiom "knit together" is another expression related to "become one flesh." It signifies the process of bringing together different elements or individuals to create a cohesive whole. This idiom emphasizes the importance of unity and the harmonious blending of diverse perspectives, talents, or ideas to achieve a common objective.

The idiom "become one flesh" encompasses various related idioms such as "exchange flesh," "joined at the hip," "join forces," and "knit together." These idioms all emphasize the importance of unity, collaboration, and deep connection in relationships. Whether it is in a marital relationship, a close friendship, or a larger community, these idioms remind us of the power of coming together, working as a team, and fostering strong and meaningful connections with others.

Example usage

Examples of how the idiom "become one flesh" can be used in a sentence:

1. After getting married, the couple vowed to become one flesh and support each other through thick and thin.

2. In the scientific experiment, the cells were fused together to become one flesh, forming a new organism.

3. The merger of the two companies resulted in them becoming one flesh, with shared resources and a unified vision.

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