show one’s butt: Idiom Meaning and Origin

What does ‘show one's butt’ mean?

"Show one's butt" is an idiom that means to reveal one's true nature or intentions, often by behaving inappropriately, defiantly, or in a disrespectful manner.

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The idiom "show off" is closely related to the phrase "show one's butt." While "show one's butt" emphasizes embarrassing or inappropriate behavior, "show off" focuses on someone displaying their talents, possessions, or achievements in a boastful or attention-seeking manner.

In contrast to "show one's butt," "show off" has a more positive connotation. Rather than highlighting negative behavior, it highlights someone's desire to be admired or recognized. However, both idioms share a common theme of drawing attention to oneself, albeit in different ways.

His uncouth display of manners caused embarrassment and humiliation.

When someone "shows off," they may engage in behaviors such as flaunting their expensive possessions, bragging about their accomplishments, or demonstrating their skills to gain admiration or envy from others. This behavior often stems from a desire to boost one's self-esteem or gain social status. However, it can also be seen as superficial or attention-seeking, as it prioritizes external validation over genuine connections.

The idiom "make a show of oneself" is another idiomatic expression that aligns with the concept of "show one's butt." "Make a show of oneself" refers to someone behaving in a way that attracts attention and causes embarrassment or disapproval.

Similar to "show one's butt," this idiom focuses on behavior that is perceived as inappropriate or disrespectful. When someone "makes a show of themselves," they may engage in attention-seeking actions or display emotional outbursts that disrupt social harmony or norms. This behavior can elicit negative reactions from others and diminish one's reputation or credibility.

While "show one's butt" emphasizes embarrassing or disrespectful behavior, "show off" and "make a show of oneself" highlight attention-seeking actions. "Show off" involves boasting about one's achievements or possessions, while "make a show of oneself" encompasses behavior that attracts attention but may cause embarrassment. These idioms all touch upon the theme of drawing attention to oneself, whether positively or negatively, and can provide insights into the complexities of human behavior and social dynamics.

Example usage


  • He showed his butt at the staff meeting by constantly interrupting others and criticizing their ideas.
  • She showed her butt when she refused to help her friend move, even though she had promised to.
  • The politician showed his butt when he angrily lashed out at reporters during the press conference.

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