when it comes to: Idiom Meaning and Origin

What does ‘when it comes to’ mean?

"When it comes to" is an idiom often used to introduce a topic or to indicate what someone is knowledgeable/experienced in. It implies the focus of discussion or expertise on a particular subject matter.

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Unraveling the Enigma

When it comes to idiomatic expressions, one important aspect to consider is the phrase "talk about." This phrase is often used interchangeably with "when it comes to" to introduce a topic of discussion or shift the focus of a conversation. For example, a person might say, "Talk about good timing! Just when it comes to vacations, I received a bonus at work." In this case, the use of "talk about" emphasizes the topic of vacations and highlights the speaker's surprise at the coinciding events.

Another related phrase is "come to mention it," which is often used in a similar way as "when it comes to" to introduce a related topic or provide additional information. For instance, someone might say, "Come to mention it, when it comes to sports, he is a big fan of basketball." Here, the use of "come to mention it" serves to introduce the topic of sports and provides further insight into the person's interests.

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Similarly, the phrase "to speak of" can be used in conjunction with "when it comes to" to emphasize a specific aspect or category within a topic. For example, one might say, "There are no good movies to speak of when it comes to romantic comedies." In this case, the use of "to speak of" highlights the lack of quality films within the genre of romantic comedies.

Another related phrase is "to do with," which is often used to express a connection or relationship between two things. When used in conjunction with "when it comes to," it can highlight a specific aspect or characteristic of a topic. For example, someone might say, "When it comes to fashion, what does body type have to do with it?" Here, the use of "to do with" emphasizes the relevance of body type in relation to the broader topic of fashion.

Lastly, the phrase "in focus" can be used alongside "when it comes to" to emphasize the central or primary aspect of a topic. For instance, one might say, "When it comes to photography, getting the right lighting is always in focus." In this example, the use of "in focus" draws attention to the importance of lighting within the realm of photography.

The idiomatic expression "when it comes to" is a versatile phrase that can be used to introduce or shift the focus of a conversation. It can also be used alongside related phrases such as "talk about," "come to mention it," "to speak of," "to do with," and "in focus" to provide further insight and emphasis on specific aspects or categories within a topic. Understanding the nuances and variations of these idiomatic expressions can greatly enhance one's conversational skills and overall understanding of the English language.

Example usage


- When it comes to cooking, she is incredibly skilled.

- When it comes to managing money, he is always cautious.

- When it comes to solving puzzles, he is the expert in our group.

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