with an eye towards: Idiom Meaning and Origin

What does ‘with an eye towards’ mean?

The idiom "with an eye towards" means to consider or have a focus on something, usually with a specific goal or purpose in mind.

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The Interpretation of "With an Eye Towards"

The idiom "with an eye towards" is a commonly used phrase in the English language. It signifies a person's intention or awareness of something, usually with the goal of achieving a specific outcome or considering a particular aspect. This idiom is primarily used in a figurative sense and has a wide range of applications in various contexts.

One fact about this idiom is that its origin can be traced back to the 16th century, where it was used in its literal sense, meaning to look or glance in a certain direction. Over time, its meaning evolved to encompass a more metaphorical concept of considering or being mindful of something.

The explanation and meaning of the expression is unknown.

The phrase "with an eye towards" is believed to have originated from the literal act of looking at something while maintaining a focused or attentive mindset. By applying this concept figuratively, the idiom emphasizes the importance of being conscious or purposeful in considering a particular factor or aspect.

It is important to note that the idiom "with an eye towards" often implies a forward-looking or future-oriented perspective. The phrase suggests that the person is considering a potential outcome or consequence while making decisions or taking action. This idiomatic expression can be used in various scenarios, such as making plans, setting goals, or approaching a task or situation with a specific intention in mind.

The idiom "with an eye towards" is frequently used in both formal and informal speech, as well as in written language. Its versatility allows it to be employed in a wide range of contexts, including business, personal relationships, decision-making processes, and creative endeavors. This idiom provides a concise and effective way to convey the notion of being mindful or purposeful in one's thoughts and actions.

The idiom "with an eye towards" has a rich history and is widely understood in contemporary English language usage. Its figurative meaning of being mindful, intentional, or forward-thinking creates a sense of purpose and consideration. Whether used in casual conversations or professional settings, this idiom offers a concise and impactful way to convey a person's intention or awareness of a specific factor or outcome. Although its usage may vary depending on the context, the idiom remains a valuable linguistic tool that continues to shape the way we express our thoughts and intentions.

Example usage


1. She invested in the stock market with an eye towards earning a profit.

2. John studied diligently with an eye towards getting good grades on his exams.

3. The company developed their new product with an eye towards meeting customer demands.

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