as best one can: Idiom Meaning and Origin

What does ‘as best one can’ mean?

The idiom *as best one can* means to try or attempt something to the best of one's ability or resources, even if the outcome or result may not be perfect or ideal.

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The idiom "as best one can" refers to doing something to the best of one's abilities or in the best way possible given the circumstances. It is often used to indicate that although the outcome may not be perfect, the individual has made every effort to perform or achieve something to the best of their capabilities.

The phrase "as best one can" is an adverbial phrase that originated from the combination of the words "as" and "best." It functions as a subjective pronoun and refers to any individual. The idiom can be traced back to the early 19th century, appearing in various literary works and everyday conversations. Its usage has remained consistent over time, with no significant variations or alternative expressions being prevalent. The idiom is widely understood and used in both formal and informal contexts.

The underlying meaning of the idiom emphasizes the importance of making the most out of a given situation or using one's abilities to the fullest extent possible. It conveys a sense of personal responsibility and initiative, encouraging individuals to strive for excellence and do their best despite limitations or challenges that may arise.

While the idiom is commonly used in general discourse, its frequency may vary depending on the specific context and audience. It is more prevalent in situations where individuals are expected to put in effort or perform to the best of their abilities, such as in academic, professional, or personal settings where excellence is valued.

Furthermore, the idiom has a subjective component, as what may be considered the best one can do may differ from person to person. Factors such as skill level, knowledge, resources, and personal circumstances can play a role in determining what constitutes the best effort for an individual.

One related idiom is "make the best of one's way," which means to use one's resources and abilities to navigate through a situation or achieve a goal. It is similar to "as best one can" in the sense that both idioms emphasize making the most out of a given situation. However, "make the best of one's way" specifically refers to the actions taken to achieve a specific objective.

Another related idiom is "do one's utmost," which means to put forth the maximum effort or give one's all. This idiom aligns closely with the concept of "as best one can" as both emphasize giving one's best effort and striving for excellence.

Similarly, "give it one's best shot" is another related idiom that expresses the idea of giving something one's best effort. It implies that one is making a sincere and wholehearted attempt, regardless of the outcome. This idiom underscores the importance of personal commitment and dedication, much like the idiom "as best one can."

Lastly, "give as good as one gets" is another related idiom that signifies the act of responding to an action or situation with equal force or intensity. While this idiom may seem different from "as best one can" at first glance, both idioms share a common theme of taking responsibility for one's actions and responding in the best way possible.

With its concise and versatile nature, the idiom "as best one can" provides a straightforward and effective way to convey the sense of one's commitment to giving their utmost effort and striving for excellence. It serves as a reminder of the importance of personal accountability and the pursuit of excellence, even when faced with obstacles or limitations.

Overall, the idiom "as best one can" encapsulates the idea of doing something to the best of one's abilities or in the most optimal way possible given the circumstances. Its usage spans across different domains and is deeply rooted in the individual's personal commitment to excellence. While it signifies the recognition of limitations and constraints, it also encourages individuals to take initiative and make the most out of every situation.

Example usage

Examples of how the idiom "as best one can" can be used in a sentence are:

  1. She tried to organize her work as best she could.
  2. He managed to repair the car as best he could with the limited tools available.
  3. They tried to console their friend as best they could after her loss.

The idiom "as best one can" is used to indicate that someone is trying their hardest or making the maximum effort within their abilities or resources to achieve a desired outcome. It implies that the person is doing their best under the given circumstances, regardless of any limitations or constraints they may be facing.

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