sell bargains: Idiom Meaning and Origin

What does ‘sell bargains’ mean?

The idiom "sell bargains" refers to the act of convincing someone to buy something at a lower or discounted price. It implies the skill or ability to negotiate a better deal for the buyer.

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The idiom "sell someone a bill of goods" is related to the concept of "sell bargains." It refers to the act of deceiving or misleading someone by making false promises or exaggerated claims about a product or service. When someone "sells someone a bill of goods," they are essentially trying to convince the other person to buy something that may not be as valuable or beneficial as they claim it to be.

Imagine you walk into a store and the salesperson tells you that they have the best deals in town, offering products at ridiculously low prices. They assure you that these products are high-quality and worth every penny. However, when you purchase the items and take them home, you realize that they are actually of poor quality and not worth the price you paid. In this scenario, you can say that the salesperson "sold you a bill of goods."

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Similarly, the concept of a "bargain basement" is also connected to the idea of selling bargains. A "bargain basement" is a section of a store where heavily discounted or inexpensive items are sold. It's usually the area where you can find the best deals and lowest prices. This term is often used to describe a place or situation where you can find great bargains or discounted products.

Finally, we have the idiom "sell ice to Eskimos." This phrase refers to someone's exceptional persuasive skills or ability to convince others to do something that seems unnecessary or illogical. It implies that selling ice to Eskimos, who already have an abundance of it, would require extraordinary salesmanship.

The connection between "sell bargains" and "sell ice to Eskimos" lies in the idea of persuasive ability. Both idioms highlight the skill of convincing others in some way. While "sell bargains" can relate to offering good deals and low prices, "sell ice to Eskimos" emphasizes the art of persuasion, often in a deceptive manner. However, it's important to note that the idioms have different nuances and contexts.

To sum it up, the idiom "sell bargains" refers to the act of selling items at a low cost or offering special deals. It can be used to describe both positive attributes, such as providing good value to customers, as well as negative connotations, such as compromising on quality. Additionally, it can be used figuratively to describe someone who is skilled at persuading or convincing others in a deceptive manner. The related idioms "sell someone a bill of goods," "bargain basement," and "sell ice to Eskimos" provide further insights into the concept of selling bargains and the different connotations associated with it.

Example usage

Examples of how the idiom *sell bargains* can be used in a sentence:

  1. The store is known for their ability to sell bargains, offering great discounts on various products.
  2. She is quite skillful at selling bargains, always negotiating the best prices for her clients.
  3. They have a reputation for being able to sell bargains in the real estate market, finding homes at incredibly low prices.

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