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What does ‘set down’ mean?

The idiom "set down" means to record or write something permanently or officially, often in a document or a book.

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The idiom "set down" has several meanings and uses, both literal and figurative.

One of the literal meanings of "set down" is to place or place gently. This can refer to physically putting an object or person in a particular location. For example, you can peg down a bag on the floor or put down for a child in a chair.

Another literal meaning of this idiom is to write or record something. It can refer to the act of jotting down information or ideas on paper or in a digital format. For instance, you can set down your thoughts in a journal or jot down the details of a meeting in a report.

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Furthermore, "set down" can also have metaphorical or figurative meanings. One such meaning is to establish or define something, often in a formal or official manner. This can be seen in phrases like "laws are set down by the government" or "the rules of the game are put down for by the referee."

"set down" can also mean to firmly or definitively state an opinion or belief. It is often used to express a strong position or make a declaration. For example, you might say "I firmly peg down my stance on the matter" or "The professor puts down for the principles of the theory."

Additionally, "set down" can be used to describe the act of getting off a vehicle or transport. This is commonly used in reference to disembarking from a plane, train, or ship. For instance, you can say "We will set down in New York in a few hours."

It is important to note that the specific usage and meaning of "set down" can vary in different contexts and scenarios. The idiom is versatile and can be applied in various situations, both in everyday language and specialized fields.

The idiom "set down" encompasses several literal and figurative meanings. It can refer to physically pegging down or placing something gently, jotting down information or ideas, putting down for rules or principles, firmly stating an opinion, or getting off a vehicle. The flexible nature of this idiom allows for its application in a wide range of contexts. Whether in formal or informal settings, "set down" serves as a versatile expression that encapsulates the act of placement, documentation, declaration, or disembarkation. While this analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the idiom, there may still be additional nuances and uses of "set down" that continue to shape its significance in our language.

Example usage

Examples of how the idiom "set down" can be used in a sentence: 1. She carefully set down the tray of drinks on the table. 2. The teacher asked the students to set down their ideas in writing. 3. The pilot announced that they would soon set down on the runway.

The idiom "set down" can be used in different contexts to emphasize the action of placing something or someone in a deliberate and careful manner. In the first example, it is used to describe how someone carefully places a tray of drinks on a table. This conveys a sense of caution and precision. In the second example, "set down" is used to indicate the act of writing down or recording ideas or thoughts. This demonstrates the action of taking something from one's mind and putting it into a physical form. In the third example, "set down" is used to describe the act of an airplane landing on a runway. This usage implies a controlled descent and the successful completion of a flight journey.

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