shower down: Idiom Meaning and Origin

What does ‘shower down’ mean?

The idiom "shower down" means to rain or fall down heavily and abundantly, often used metaphorically to describe a large quantity of something descending rapidly.

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Unveiling Deluge

The idiom "shower down" is used to describe a sudden and abundant release or appearance of something, often in a rapid and overwhelming manner. It is commonly used in phrases such as "money showering down" or "praise showering down."

This idiom has its origins in the literal meaning of the word "shower," which refers to a brief and heavy rainfall of water. The concept of something pouring down in a similar manner has been metaphorically applied to various situations over time, giving rise to the idiom "shower down."

An example of the use of this idiom can be found in a 1929 article in The New York Times titled "Praise Showered Down on the Germans" which describes the positive reception of German performers in America. This usage demonstrates how the idiom has been used to convey the idea of accolades or compliments being given in great abundance.

Another example comes from a 2015 article in The Guardian titled "Critics' Oscars 2015: La La Land, a shower of award winners." This highlights how the idiom has been employed to describe the profusion of awards received by the movie "La La Land."

It is interesting to note that the idiom "shower down" is predominantly used in a positive context, where the sudden and copious arrival of something is seen as desirable or beneficial. This may be due to the association with rain showers, which are often seen as refreshing and nourishing.

The rain began to pour, drenching everything.

However, the idiom can also be used in a negative or sarcastic manner to express an overwhelming or excessive quantity of something that is unwanted or burdensome. An example of this usage can be found in a 2007 New York Times article titled "Criticism Showers Down on Budget Plan." In this case, the idiom is employed to convey the overwhelming criticism faced by a proposed budget plan.

The idiom "rain down" is a variation of "shower down" and is used to describe the sudden and plentiful falling of rain from the sky. Just as something can "shower down," rain can "rain down" in a similar manner, providing a vivid image of a heavy rainfall.

The idiom "bucket down" is another variation of "shower down" and is used specifically to describe a very heavy and intense rain shower. It suggests that the rain is pouring down with such force that it could be compared to water being thrown or poured from a bucket.

In contrast, the idiom "hose down" is used to describe the act of dousing something or someone with water from a hose. While similar to "shower down" in terms of the idea of water falling abundantly, "hose down" implies a more deliberate and controlled application of water, often used for cleaning or extinguishing fire.

The idiom "die down" refers to the gradual decrease or subsiding of something, whether it be noise, activity, or excitement. It can be used in relation to a shower or rainstorm, indicating that the intensity of the rain is diminishing and coming to an end.

Lastly, the idiom "go down the drain" is used to describe a waste or loss of something valuable or significant. It conveys the idea that something that was once beneficial or valuable has now been wasted or lost, much like water flowing away down a drain.

The idiom "shower down" is used to describe the sudden and abundant release or appearance of something, often in a positive or negative manner. Its origins can be traced back to the literal meaning of the word "shower" and its metaphorical application to various situations. The idiom is commonly used in both everyday and formal contexts to convey the idea of a rapid and overwhelming influx of something, whether it be praise, money, awards, or criticism. Its versatility allows it to capture a wide range of experiences and sentiments, making it a valuable and expressive idiom in the English language.

Example usage

Examples of how the idiom "shower down" can be used in a sentence:

  • The supporters showered down confetti on the winning team.
  • During the storm, rain showered down on the city streets.
  • As the celebrity entered the stage, fans showered down flowers and gifts.

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